The Grey Company

Seastan 16911


I built this at the request of a Patreon supporter. It's designed for campaign mode, where you get the Aragorn fellowship hero.

Dunedain allies are spread over all the spheres, so I decided to just put them all in one deck and build around The Storm Comes, which Thurindir can grab at the beginning of the game.

The first deck is meant to engage every enemy with Halbarad. In early game, before you get set up with Vigilant Dúnadan/Keep Watch/Arwen Undómiel, Elrohir allows you to survive with several enemies engaged. Once you get Song of Wisdom, A Burning Brand, and Steward of Gondor on Elrohir he basically enables the Dunedain mechanic all by himself with little risk.

I still found the actual playthrough of the Passing of the Grey Company quest to be pretty difficult with this fellowship, mainly because of how quickly my threat ramped up as I was struggling to complete the side quests (The initial willpower here can be lacking). I included some Favor of the Valar to help with this, which you might find useless in other quests.

Overall this was a fun experience to try to build a very thematic Grey Company fellowship. If I were to make some thematic concessions for the sake of power in a non-saga setting I might consider a fellowship that plays a bunch of doomed cards and uses Aragorn with Desperate Alliance to quickly set up the board. I might also try to work in some higher willpower heroes, which the Grey Company seems to lack. Legolas and Gimli, who also make thematic sense, don't really help in this department either. A questing-focused Rohan or Gondor deck might be a useful and thematic choice for the third player.