Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a hero.

Action: Discard Miruvor to (choose two): ready attached hero, add 1 resource to attached hero's resource pool, attached hero gets +1 until the end of the round, or put Miruvor on the top of your deck.

Sara Biddle

Shadow and Flame #133. Spirit.


At first sight, Miruvor looks like a poor man's Unexpected Courage. It allows you to ready a hero, yes, but the cost is discarding Miruvor. It does come with the option of returning it to the top of your deck to reuse it. Moreover, both cards belong to the same sphere. Obviously, the fact you have to discard Miruvor, makes it worse than Unexpected Courage.

Is this assessment entirely fair though? Miruvor also allows you to switch resources in dual- or multi-sphere decks and can give a hero a modest boost. Does this kind of flexibility redeem it's main flaw? Perhaps, if it wasn't for Miruvor's biggest flaw, one which isn't immediately obvious: Miruvor gives you the option to return it to the top of your deck. Why is this bad? Surely, it makes the card incredibly useful because it allows for the potential infinite reuse of the card. However, if you for this trap, be prepared to lose a lot of momentum in your game, because Miruvor will slow down your card draw. If you don't watch out, you will draw too few new cards -- or not at all.

What are ways of side-stepping this issue? Of course, one option is card draw, and Lore will give you plenty options for that, for example with Gléowine or Daeron's Runes. However, you need to consider whether redrawing Miruvor is worth it over getting more new cards from your deck. After all, you could've drawn another card instead of redrawing Miruvor again and again. Another option is hero Gandalf, which, if you time it wisely, allows you to replay it, but only in the Planning Phase of course. Fact is, even hero Gandalf gives you card-draw in a way, and it looks like every method of card draw will have the same issue: is slowing down to recycle Miruvor worth it?

All in all, Miruvor is a tricky card to use. It gives you potential action advantage and the flexibility for reuse or other options in a pinch -- but it'll came at the cost of a Siren's call to return it to your deck, slowing you down with it's lure.

Caedus 49
Erector can completely negate a momentum loss if you choose to put Miruvor on the top of your deck. While tricky to use, the card is definitely underrated and quite solid if used correctly. — The White Wizard 541
I find that this card seems to work well if you have Bilbo as one your heroes in a one handed solo deck. Since you will always draw 2 cards in the resource phase due to Bilbo's ability, returning Miruvor back to the top of your deck is somewhat negligible. — Finch204 1
In my opinion, the versatility completely makes up for the consume-ability. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2410
Another favorite trick is in a deck with Master of the Forge. When you place it on top of the deck you can be assured to fetch it. As it gets late in a game, and the deck has thinned out a bit, recurring its flexibility can be very strong. Also, multiple copies of Miruvor and Master of the Forge and you can cycle them several times in a round. — Quetzal513 87
If you are struggling with card draw, you can choose not to recur it and just make it a cram — LEGOlas 127
I like this in 3 hunters decks since by the end of the game your heroes are pretty much kitted out in everything they need, and you can just keep giving them extra actions — frozen 170
I like this with Grimbeorn. Ready him. Get his resource back. — alinktothezack 264