Isengard Messenger

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   0   1   2  


Response: After you raise your threat from the Doomed keyword, Isengard Messenger gets +1 until the end of the round. (Limit twice per round.)

"I have an urgent errand," he said. "My news is evil." Radagast, The Fellowship of the Ring
Cristi Balanescu

The Voice of Isengard #5. Lore.

Isengard Messenger

Isengard Messenger is an effective card in the right build. Run him in a deck featuring GrĂ­ma and he essentially quests for two each round and potentially three if you have another doomed card in hand like Deep Knowledge. With two messengers on the table they can provide a burst of six willpower which goes a long way to help you clear those active locations and/or quest cards.