Prepare for Battle

Player Side Quest. Cost: 1. Quest Points: 6. Victory 1.

Limit 1 copy of Prepare for Battle in the victory display.

While this quest is in the victory display, the first player draws an additional card during the resource phase.

"Soon there will be battle on the fields. A sortie must be made ready."
Gandalf, The Return of the King
Sebastian Zakrzewski

The Mûmakil #3. Leadership.

Prepare for Battle

A pretty fun card to play with, but some obvious downsides. First of all, while this card is good there are other ways to draw additional cards in this game, but still an extra card a round for the first player isn't bad. Second, this card is literally Bilbo Baggins. A few downsides to this card is that it costs 1 resource and it takes 6 progress to complete.

Who it works with:

Círdan the Shipwright because he gets to choose between 3 cards now, which ones he keeps and which he discards.

Thurindir because he can dig the side quest out at the beginning of the game, and of course his boosts for each side quest explored.

Any hero with Steward of Gondor because sometimes you have all the resources in the world, but nothing to spend them on.

Legolas so you can discard cards to ready another hero.

Arwen Undómiel extra cards to grab extra resources.

My opinion: 6/10