Bilbo's Plan

Event. Cost: 0.

Response: After you attack and destroy an enemy, shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and discard cards from the top until an enemy is discarded. Add that enemy to the staging area to discard a non-unique location with equal to or less that that enemy's .

Guillaume Ducos

The Land of Sorrow #114. Tactics.

Bilbo's Plan

This card intent seems to be to help combat-heavy decks struggling against location lock, but in the end I feel that due to its unreliability it will not see much use. You could potentially even end up putting an enemy back in play without discarding any location if you are unlucky, and that degree of lack of control pushes this card into "full folder" territory for me.

I'm pretty sure the wording "add that enemy... TO discard a location" means you don't have to (and in fact you can't) add the enemy if there isn't a suitable location to hit. You still basically wasted a card but at least don't end up behind. — MDivisor 2
I am not sure of that cause it say "", and not "you may". If anyone has a ruling from Caleb about that it would be great. — Alonewolf87 652
Where do we go to send ruling questions to Caleb? — AlasForCeleborn 312
You send an email to and pray very hard to Iluvatar — Alonewolf87 652
The word TO used in that way denotes a cost and an effect. Pay the cost (add the enemy) to get an effect (discard a location). And the rules say you can't pay a cost if the associated effect does not have the potential to change the game state. This interpretation is based on the rules reference entries for TO and COST. — MDivisor 2