Grimbeorn, Elf-friend

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Mr. Meson 50

This is a deck that I've used in solo and in multiplayer, and has turned out quite well. Recently, I customized it to tackle The Dunland Trap, and am quite pleased with the results.

In a typical build, you want to get Elf-friend on Grimbeorn so you can make use of his ability and more easily afford the attachments to go with him. I prefer Dagger of Westernesse, but Raiment of War is also a really good option for him as it increases his defense and hit-points.

I like to include Will of the West, but I see that as more of a sideboard card for the deck. Typically I have found I use two copies throughout the game.

Light of Valinor goes on Erestor, as does a copy of Protector of Lorien. That way he can quest and defend for you in a pinch. Elven Light is used to help you increase the cards you have in your hand for increasing the amount of cards you can discard for things like Arwen, Glorfindel, and Protector of Lorien.

Power of Orthanc was introduced to the deck as part of my attack on the Dunland Trap, because of In Need of Rest, which is the card that is responsible for the majority of my losses in that quest. I dropped Dagger of Westernesse to not make my deck any bigger. This deck allows me to circumvent the negative effect of stage 1B by discarding all my cards to use for special effects before I'm forced to discard them by Erestor or Stage 1, and then every other turn I get two extra cards. Additionally, I was able to sneak by some particularly nasty effects that vary based on hand size. For example, the Dunland Chieftain wouldn't trigger when I engaged him because I would make sure I had no cards in my hand, so therefore no cards would be discarded off the top of the deck, and no extra enemies would be put into play engaged with me. Grimbeorn rips through Dunlandings fairly quickly, and then Glorfindel can swing in and finish off the ones that have been weakened.

This is the Grimbeorn build I have enjoyed the most, and I hope others enjoy it, too!


Dec 02, 2018 GrandSpleen 643

Is Elf-friend meant to allow Grimbeorn as a target for Arwen's ability? Any other benefit from the attachment?

Dec 02, 2018 Mr. Meson 50

Yes, that's correct.

Dec 02, 2018 Alonewolf87 100

You could also think of getting Elven Spear (to use Erestor's ability to the fullest) or Rivendell Blade on Grimbeorn the Old with Elf-friend.

Dec 02, 2018 Mr. Meson 50

That’s a good idea! I’ll have to give it a try.

Dec 02, 2018 Seosaidh 254

Elven Spear is probably the better card, since Grimbeorn is already reducing defense by 2 and an additional 2 will not be possible a good bit of the time.