Hirgon's Volley

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phate999 47

For this deck, the mantra is to quest all your heroes for 11 and then bring an ally into play for 1 less resource. Place any Rohan Warhorse on Éowyn so that her ability can kill multiple enemies when you use it. Play with the old rules for Horn of Gondor (where it said "leaves play" not "is destroyed") because the errata is lame. This will allow extra resource generation from cards like Flight of the Eagles and discarding the Beorning allies. It also makes Gandalf net out at 4 resources. It's our game. Play it like we want eh? Besides my 3 copies of the Horn still have the old wording and so that is how I use them in this deck. The eagles are so expensive that it is needed. Plus it's more fun. This deck can do quite well as a solo hand or in multiplayer. It's got good location clearing effects and combat prowess. Go Tactics sphere!