These Boots Were Made For Walking

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I constructed this deck as part of a 4-player game against Fire in the Night. With that in mind, this is primarily as multiplayer deck, as I haven't tested it in solo yet. It worked very well to manage locations, but note that this is location control in the sense of avoiding travel effects and making locations provide positive benefits more so than actually placing progress on location, although it can do that too with Northern Tracker and Rhovanion Outrider. When this deck gets going, locations quickly become a non-issue.

Now for the piloting instructions:

  • In 3 or 4 player, there's pretty much always an active location, so that means you can safely quest with Haldan, Idraen, and Lanwyn each turn. Haldan doesn't need to exhaust, Idraen will ready when a location is explored, and Lanwyin can ready from any surge.
  • The main card you want to see in your opening hand is Master of the Forge, as he lets you keep your hand filled with those location attachments that make Haldan sing. Other than that, you want your opening hand to have at least 2-3 location attachments in it.
  • Card draw is quite strong in this deck. Between Haldan, Ancient Mathom, Daeron's Runes, and Master of the Forge, you should be able to keep the attachments flowing. Note that Erebor Hammersmith can also recycle some that you've used already, while Will of the West gives you the opportunity to reset your deck if needed.
  • Leather Boots gives this deck its name. These can be placed on Master of the Forge to get extra uses out of his ability. The Boots are amazing in 4-player since they will trigger pretty much every single turn. I didn't include Warden of Healing in this build, because my fellow players already had him in their decks, but if you slot Warden into this deck and combine him with Leather Boots as well, that's a crazy amount of healing.
  • Don't sleep on South Away. It's powerful and cheap threat reduction in multiplayer and avoids travel effects. Speaking of which, West Road Traveller and Thror's Map also help you avoid ever paying a travel cost.
  • In terms of general play, there's no one strategy for playing the location attachments, but keep in mind that it's not always wise to use all of the ones you have in hand on the active location. Sometimes you also want to save some for the future, or put some on a location in the staging area for use with South Away.
  • Finally, this deck is mostly focused on questing, but it actually can hold its own in combat with all of the three heroes having 3 attack and readying available. Its one weakness in terms of combat is defensively, but Idraen can defend against weaker enemies and your buddies should have your back against the stronger ones.

That's it. Enjoy!


Dec 16, 2018 GrandSpleen 659

I really like that there is not one , but two boot-themed decks on Ringsdb’s front page at the moment.

Dec 17, 2018 Olander 105

thumbs up for for the name and theme

Jul 25, 2019 Jtothemac 45

I would think this deck could use Reforged , which wasnt announced when this deck was published. But reforged is a great event for attachment heavy decks.