Defend the Town!

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The BGamerJoe 1633

The BGamerJoe has a newer deck inspired by this one: Defending Hrogar’s Hill

Mono Leadership really stepped up its game with the addition of Gildor Inglorion! Getting cards into hand is huge for Leadership! This deck is tuned to play alongside Mr Underhill's variation on Mr Incredible's A Very Good Tale of Elrond and Dwarves against Fire in the Night.

With the Hauberk, Warning and the fancy new Ancestral Armor, Erkenbrand can turn into a monster defender with built in shadow cancellation which makes him super durable. With Ancestral Knowledge, Dúnedain Warning, Hauberk of Mail and and Armored Destrier, he can defend for 7 twice with shadow protection.

I had a solo variation of this deck with Aragorn instead of Dain but we swapped the heroes so the Dwarves could benefit from the Sword that was Broken. This deck defends and inspires! Strength of Arms is one of the reasons to play mono leadership. You can see it ready about 15 beefy allies near the middle of the recorded Fire in the Night on YouTube.

Enjoy the video! The new quest is a good one.