Borders of the Shire

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GrandSpleen 659

This is a multiplayer combat deck built around a Hobbit combat theme, and the Dunedain watching their borders. It It is a modification to my Battle of Bywater deck. This version replaces Merry with Halbarad in order to shore up a weakness of that deck, which was having trouble engaging as many enemies as you intend to, due to having very low threat.

Tom defends and allows you to play off-sphere Hobbits. He wants Ring Mail and in previous versions of this deck I gave him 2 copies, but this time you have the option of giving him 1 Ring Mail and 1 Staff of Lebethron instead. Rosie can bring his defense up.

Compared to the version of this deck with Merry, this deck might have a harder time mustering attack strength reliably... but maybe not. To tell the truth, I haven’t had the opportunity to test this one in a bigger multiplayer environment like I usually do. I would give Pippin daggers and give swords to Halbarad, as well as attacking with Hobbits who are benefiting from Tom’s ability.

I haven’t included threat reduction here, but you can do that by subbing in Sneak Attack + Gandalf or Secret Vigil, both of which work very well thematically here.


Jun 06, 2019 RogueWraith 96

Is Tom able to bring the Curious Brandybucks into play without paying for them?

Jun 07, 2019 GrandSpleen 659

You can use the responses on the Curious Brandybucks even without Tom. Since you're not paying anything to activate that response, you don't need a resource match. But Tom makes them even more excellent since they get that +2 attack.