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Hunting bling. 6 3 1 2.0
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Tegyrius 111

Tegyrius has a newer deck inspired by this one: Hunting bling.

Do you have the Guarded attachments on your bucket list, like a hero dual wielding Orcrist and Glamdring? Read on!

These three hunters are after the bling. It can handle mid level difficulty quest solo, and harder ones with the luck of the draw. It might seem light on card draw, but Erestor, Dúnedain Pipe and Ring of Thrór does some work along with the staples King Under the Mountain, Gandalf and Daeron's Runes. Glamdring is just icing on the cake. The action advantage and readying is the strength of the deck, and that's why the guarded stuff works well, since you boost the heroes (unlike modern stuff like Dale). It's also quite consistent since it's a 41 card deck with 9 cards that just cycles the deck. The King's Return should be played within the quest phase, since it still triggers Wingfoot (which is also a good trick for Leather Boots, which I didn't include in this deck.

Faramir is the new version from A Shadow in the East.


Jun 22, 2019 Tegyrius 111

Also, the defense attachments can be adjusted depending on what quest you play. For a single powerful enemy, you can get to 6def/7health on Gimli, while in a swarm type of quest, Aragorn serves a second defender.