Dúnedain Pipe

Attachment. Cost: 1.

Item. Pipe.

Attach to a Dúnedain character. Limit 1 per character.

Action: Exhaust Dúnedain Pipe and place a card from your hand on the bottom of your deck to draw a card.

Dani Hartel

The Black Serpent #88. Lore.

Dúnedain Pipe


死锁 211
hfksla gfsladjhgkljad hask! — Lecitadin 154
arjgarbn earhehb Erestor hask. Clayfighter. — NoSoup4you 590
Translating the Chinese: A very strong card, the ability to check the card and Erestor is comparable. Back to the bottom of the card group and discarding I think at least each has its own effect, but this card only costs one. The most important thing is that the subsidiary conditions are too casual. They do not require heroes, do not require uniqueness, or even require self-control. They are not uniquely affiliated. As far as how to use it, it is very useful for decks with green Dendan heroes and decks with green Danden heroes, especially with Beravor. Even if you have a Danden hero, you can find a green card group to help. If you don't have a Dandan hero, it's more troublesome. Because the characters of the Dendan are cheaper than purple, others are either 3-4, and may not be easy to use, or have unacceptable negative effects. Whether it is unique or not is not the point. In any case, this card is a good filter card, especially suitable for the card group itself, but the card group is very important, such as the toolbox green. — azgadil 6
very terrible translation…… — 死锁 211
If people don't have a Chinese character font installed on their computer, the text looks like this: 感觉很奇怪的配置啊,绿色费用之高要求开 . . . Just a guess about why you've gotten the strange comments that you've gotten on this review. — GrandSpleen 940