Nightmare Noldor

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Shadows of a Nightmare
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Discard and That Card 35 22 3 1.0
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Journey in the Nightmare 0 0 0 2.0
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TheChad 4326

TheChad has a newer deck inspired by this one: Journey in the Nightmare

This is the other half of the fellowship with ThePurpleWizard's deck: Galadriel's Hidden Nightmare. These decks were used to beat Shadow of the Past: Nightmare mode. The goal of this deck was to supply enough willpower to quest and hide and defend all enemies. The other deck used Haldir, plus some of the allies here to kill those pesky Black Riders. Plenty of readying and Lindon Navigator played a huge role in keeping us safe. The basic playstyle of the deck is the same as my You can watch the video here: