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Trouble in Tharbad - 1 Player - 2020-03-29
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The Old Forest Nightmare Campaign
Nightmare on the Barrowdowns
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TheChad 4871

TheChad has a newer deck inspired by this one: Nightmare Noldor

TheChad has a newer deck inspired by this one: Knifemare Noldor

Galdor of the Havens is a truly fun hero to play. He allows you to dig out your needed card(s) and refills your hand when empty. This deck takes advantage of these abilities with a new card: Reforged

See the deck in action here: https://youtu.be/OlDCm1TOYIU

The Gimmick

Discard the 2 cards,Steward of Gondor and Ancestral Armor, and then use Reforged to put them into play.

Opening Hand

Normally for this section I say what cards you want in your opening hand, but Galdor makes this section really interesting and fun. Draw your 6 cards and then discard EVERYTHING except: Reforged, Card Draw, and To the Sea, to the Sea!. Do not be afraid to discard all other cards. I mean it! Discard everything else, it's hard to discard some cards but the deck will work very consistently if you do. A possible exception is keeping Armor of Erebor in a multiplayer game (if you are playing multiplayer you might consider another copy and 1x more Unexpected Courage, drop 2 Sailor of Lune to make room).


It is not uncommon to empty your hand in your opening turn, and then draw 6 more cards. You should be discarding to Arwen Undómiel, To the Sea, Elven Jeweler, Guardian of Rivendell, and to other ally abilities. Start building your Noldor army. Steward goes on Arwen to fuel Eleven-Lights returning to your hand. When you need a push, save the resources for Lords of the Eldar.
Defense is easily handled by Dáin Ironfoot who can help you get cards into your discard pile. If you need an extra defense you can chump. Glorfindel is a great chump blocker (or he could live) since he can be played from your discard pile. When your deck is getting low, use Will of the West or Dwarven Tomb to dig out a Will of the West, to shuffle everything back in. Make sure you have at least 1 Elven-Light back in your hand before you do this.

Attacking is handled by Elladan with the help of his brother , Glorfindel and other allies.

I have found you do not need to quest with everyone since this deck ramps up in quickly. A lot of quests I have played you can keep the game moving nicely by supplying plenty of to keep clearing the Active Location so you don't get location locked. Dain can handle pretty much any enemy you choose to engage to get that threat out of the staging area. With the Staging Area clear (or at least under control) you can hold back your army for combat on the next turn to kill the enemy(s), then recommit the army to questing next round to advance.

My final thought about this deck is how much fun it is to play. You will have a lot of great decisions to make and have some truly bonker turns where you play and draw a ton of cards.

Happy Questing!


Jun 10, 2019 mike.j.cain 1

Seems like a fun deck I might try it

Jun 26, 2019 Dixxie Flatline 10

Great deck. It got me out of Mount Gundabad nicely.

Jun 26, 2019 TheChad 4871

Thank you!

Mar 30, 2020 tsnouffer 1

I've played with this one a few times now. It is fun to play for sure. Lots of card movement and synergies triggered. Generates a ton of Willpower. After a while a quest may appear to easy, but the fun is still there!