Raid on the Grey Havens Solo Deck

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wkufan89 116

I really struggled beating this quest solo, but managed to get a win using this modified version of TheChad's Discard and That Card.

General Gameplay Advice: Mulligan for Northern Tracker. I feel like they are essential to beating this quest because you will have so many locations come out. Arwen's resource generation should enable you to play a northern tracker anytime that you draw one as long as you have a card to discard. Getting a To the Sea, to the Sea! is good too, because Glorfindel is going to do a lot of the heavy lifting in this quest. Your goal is to try and clear the staging area as quickly as you can. It can actually be good to let an aflame location burn if it means you get to protect The Dream-Chaser and have more time to setup. Thrór's Key is very important because it can either let you eliminate a location's aflame or it can be used to prevent a Mithlond Harbor from wrecking your progress. You want to engage enemies quickly, and use Dáin Ironfoot ability to discard three cards every chance you get. Reforged is there for Asfaloth and Steward if you get it early enough. Because you are discarding so much, don't be afraid to use Reforged to get one of the essential spirit attachments you need. Be sure to have a chump blocker ready for when you advance to the second stage of the quest. Dáin Ironfoot does a great job of defending against Captain Sahir and I recommend putting Unexpected Courage on him. You should also ideally have a Gandalf ready to come in and snipe Na’asiyah in the planning phase after she comes into play.