Hobbit Saga 3P: Gimli and the Bear

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The Hobbit Saga 3P: Over Hill and On The Doorstep
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RidderMarc 42

Base deck for 3P Hobbit Saga. Probably too many eagles but my kid love's 'em and won't cut them.

For this deck, getting Plate on Gimli and then having him take an undefended attack or two is the perfect setup. Put the Dwarven Axe on someone else and use Thrór's Hunting Bow + Black Arrow, if you have the Bow.

There's not much card draw here but The Eagles Are Coming! will help thin the deck, and Bofur helps track down those Weapons.

Thalin is questing for 2WP when Dain is ready. Consider boosting him to three with Dunedain Quest from the leadership deck.

FOR BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES: Swap out Thalin for Legolas (+Arod and Bow of Galadhrim) and ditch some eagles, if the kid will allow it.