Haldir invades the Barrow-downs

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Nightmare on the Barrowdowns
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The Purple Wizard 485

This deck was built in partnership with TheChad's deck "Discard and That Card" playing "Fog on the Barrow-downs" in our Nightmare Campaign. I imagine it would play well against that quest with any other quality deck. It might need some tweaks before working effectively in solo.

Fog on the Barrow-downs has some vicious ally-hate, so I went with an almost ally-free deck, the Halfling Bounder being the lone exception. I wanted my heroes to do everything but I ran into a problem: there was no realistic way to turn any of my heroes into a reliable defender without relying on Action or Response triggers...which would leave me helpless against enemies engaged with me whenever the treachery Frozen By Fear goes off. Normally these heroes have low enough threat that they can avoid engaging enemies all game, but in this case some of the encounter cards made it inevitable. So I included enough cancellation to plan to cancel that treachery every time it came up and I focused the rest of the deck on giving Haldir different ways of handling enemies.

A few notes:

~Stage 1B is a FANTASTIC time to play a guarded card, hence their inclusion here. I probably could have gone with more but these were the ones that made most sense for my deck. Unless my hand is otherwise amazing, I'm mulliganing for Glamdring here.

~Once a side quest is in the victory display, don't hesitate to use Halfling Bounder when something ugly comes up. Use it before you use A Test of Will, if you have both at the same time. If you wait too long the halfling will get stolen by an Ancient Barrow and that's just bad news all around.

~I'm sharing the deck here as I played it in the campaign, but in retrospect I'd swap out the Rivendell Bow, Song of Battle, and Tides of Fate for 3X Heed the Dream. Those first two weren't really needed like I thought they'd be, and with Dáin Ironfoot across the table the defense boost wasn't really necessary (but with a different partner deck I might want more of them). Conversely, there are plenty of Lore resources around to play HtD and make the deck run that much smoother.