First Solo Brew

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ihasaflavour 2

ihasaflavour has a newer deck inspired by this one: First Solo Brew

I have not tried this deck, but I wanted to try something that involved Gandalf and Radagast with my limited card set. I'll have updates as I test the deck, thanks for the comments!


Sep 04, 2019 Onidsen 1044

This looks really interesting. You could probably use a little more card draw - it is probably worth running 3 copies of the Messenger Raven (from the same pack as Radagast, and you can play it using his resources). It's also another creature to keep Radagast questing without exhausting.

Do you plan on using Radagast as your primary defender? If so, it also might be worth finding some defense boosts (Protector of Lórien from the core set is a good start).

Finally, I don't see many good targets for the Wild Stallion, although I suppose a Northern Tracker who gets readied by Narya is probably getting good value out of it.

Sep 04, 2019 ihasaflavour 2

@Onidsen Thank you so much! This is exactly the feedback I was hoping to get! Many thanks my friend!