#2 Escape from Dol Guldur

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Escape from Dol Guldur
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lebigot 8

Deck created with Escape from Dol Guldur (solo) in mind.

It didn't work, on its own, but it did play its role (high willpower) when combined with deck #3 Escape from Dol Guldur.


Oct 07, 2019 Benettnash 6

Please don't play Ever Vigilant, that card is bad.

Oct 07, 2019 lebigot 8

How is this card bad? In a scenario where you start with only two heroes, this effectively gives you back a third one for a small cost, which seems useful, right?

Oct 07, 2019 Elessar010 156

@lebigotit looks like you only have access to the core set, which, in that case, it isn't a terrible decision to play Every Vigilant. But, spending 1 resource to ready 1 chump ally, is really inefficient with a larger card pool to choose from. Readying allies just isn't that valuable, one reason why Leadership Faramir (hero) is not that good, but Prince Imrahil is good. Personally, I would play Stand and Fight. The best case scenario for Ever Vigilant in the core set is to ready Ally Faramir, so he can use his ability twice.

Oct 07, 2019 lebigot 8

This is indeed a deck with progression style in mind. Good points, thanks.

Oct 08, 2019 Benettnash 6

"this effectively gives you back a third one (hero)" Nope, it does not. It just redies an ally, not a hero.

Oct 08, 2019 Marcelf 761

Another good case with Ever Vigilant is to ready Gandalf. Why do you play only 2 copies of Gandalf ?

Oct 08, 2019 Elessar010 156

@Marcelfthe other deck in the fellowship has the other copy, but you're right, @lebigotshould put all 3 copies in this deck, since this is where you have Sneak Attack and Valiant Sacrifice

Oct 08, 2019 Marcelf 761

@manoftomorrow010 You are allowed to have 3 copies in each deck.

Oct 08, 2019 Elessar010 156

@Marcelfit appears he only has the core set, so he only has access to 3 copies, which is why it's 2 in one and the third in another deck

Oct 08, 2019 Marcelf 761

There are 4 copies of Gandalf in a core set. Anyway this deck would be better with the third copy :D

Oct 08, 2019 Elessar010 156

@Marcelfoh you're right! Oops! Haha