Saruman Highlander

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Jan 13, 2020 Sfrug 225

Very interesting. First Council of the Wise deck I've seen. I'm assuming that Elrond is a proxy for the new Saruman card, and that Radagast's Staff a proxy for his staff, and that that is what you'll dig up with Gather Information. Two questions. First, how are you using Tom Bombadillo!? You can't play it without a hobbit hero. Second, aren't you worried about threating out? Given all the doomed (including Gríma), and a threat-out level of 45 (since you're using The One Ring), you don't have much room to maneuver.

Jan 14, 2020 死锁 211

@Sfrugall your assuming is right.First question,I didn't read Tom Bombadillo!'s text carefully, it's a mistake and I delete this card now. I publish this version only want to show it to my friend, so it's just a test version with many problem.Second question, Saruman's staff can reduce the x value of doom keyword, so When I play one event, I can use Gríma and Steward of Orthanc give it 1 less cost ,draw a card and doom2 ,and exhaust staff to reduce doom 2 to 0.So I don't actually raise my threat. what's more,I also can use Council of the Wise to reduce my threat.