The Scouring of the Shire

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Desert Crossing - 1 Player - 2020-03-24
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bobbymcbobface 82

bobbymcbobface has a newer deck inspired by this one: The Scouring of the Shire

The purpose of this deck is twofold:

First, I want to give a massive round of applause to Boromore on the FFG Forum. Back on February 3, he posted his Scouring of the Shire custom scenario, which is amazing, with great new keywords, awesome side quests, and a very thematic and appropriate theme and design. He also has it set up where you can play it as the 19th (or 21st, what have you) scenario of the LOTR saga campaign. I would highly encourage you to print it out, and tell him what a great job he did. No one even replied on the forum! Here's the link:

Second, Silblade in his recent player card review (which is very thorough and well done) made a controversial statement. "How often do you include Songs in your decks? Well, I believe many of you play with Durin’s Song, a very good event for boosting Dwarves. So do I. BUT… does anybody from you have a deck built on the Song trait? I guess that nobody would answer 'yes'." I have attempted to prove him wrong! This deck is built around songs. I recently picked up Beneath the Sands, and decided to see how far I could take Fireside Song. Last night on my playthrough of Scouring of the Shire I had Frodo Baggins quest for 12!

I tried to keep this deck as thematic as possible to the events at the time of the scouring of the shire. I hope you will check out Boromore's work and leave any helpful comments! I'm still trying to learn and get better at our great game!


Mar 25, 2020 doomguard 192

i hve beaten (Journey to the Cross-roads with a songdeck before Love of Tales was errated....

even now,you would boost the deck using love of tales and boost it massivly if you make rosie a hero (with the contract) then she can use her songboosted willpower twice with a hitch in one phase and/or as boost in battle.

Mar 25, 2020 bobbymcbobface 82

@doomguard I will definitely include love of tales when i manage to pick up the Long dark, and (MotK) Rosie Cotton will definitely be powerful too! Thank you!

Mar 25, 2020 kattattack22 222

I think the deck is a bit heavy on songs. I understand you're trying to max out Fireside Song, but some don't seem to serve much purpose other than for the willpower boost. The resource smoothing offered by many of them seems pretty marginal with the low cost curve and large number of neutral cards. Perhaps it would better to replace some with some more allies or card draw? Drinking Song seems like a natural fit especially to help find Fireside Song.

Mar 25, 2020 bobbymcbobface 82

Wow, Journey to the Crossroads is tough. I'm giving you around of applause right now

Mar 25, 2020 bobbymcbobface 82

Card draw is definitely a must, i just haven't picked up Mount Gundabad

Mar 25, 2020 bobbymcbobface 82

I know this isn't a perfect deck, I was trying it more to max out Fireside Song and showcase The Scouring of the Shire. I don't have enough ap's for a hobbit song deck to really work yet

Mar 25, 2020 kattattack22 222

@bobbymcbobface That's fair. I wish there was an easy way to check which expansions users had in their collection or used in a deck. Then I think it would be easier to make more helpful suggestions. There are always the old staples of Daeron's Runes, Deep Knowledge for card draw. Not exceptionally thematic though. Expert Treasure-hunter might work blindly because attachments are over half the deck.

I think everyone has their own definition of when a deck "works." I tend to think that if the deck is doing what I designed it to do then it works. It may not be successful against a lot of quests or finely tuned but that isn't always the goal when I build.

Mar 25, 2020 bobbymcbobface 82

@kattattack22Having a way to see user's collection would be helpful for sure. I guess my deck "works" because I was trying to make a thematic deck with the cards I have for Scouring of the Shire. Thank you guys for taking time to help me out! I'm going to make a few alterations based on suggestions.

Mar 25, 2020 bobbymcbobface 82

Here's update.

I removed song of battle since i already have two tactics heroes, added a second Rosie and Keep Watch

My collection consists of Shadows of Mirkwood, Heirs + AoO and TMV, Dreamchaser, Sands + BtS and TBS, and all saga except On the Doorstep