secrecy+denethor mustering the rohan

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the secret mustering of rohan
the muster of rohan, 3 times
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doomguard 400

this should become part of a fellowship, that gain its punch from The Muster of Rohan. this deck mulligans for the steward, that will go to galadriel. after that, this deck could pay each round for the mustering + dwarven tomb if needed (denethor passes to galadriel + gleowine counts as spirit for the mustering).

use gleowine and galadriel if you have no mustering, if you have, you can use the draw for other players.

the great benefits of this build:

  • captains wisdom can be used by denethor or galadriel
  • starts in secrecy, that means resourcefull and timely aid can be played. with galadriel many rohan allies from the mustering could be used up to 3 times,
  • first for questing without exhausting
  • 2 in the combatphase, or for chumping or attacking OR riddermark finest, westfoldbreeder with their ability
    1. refresh-phase for good tale

other advice

  • with a discarded (or dying) eomund from this or another deck, there could be an additional use.
  • courage on galadriel if she get her ring
  • dwarven tomb can not only be used to get the muster back can sometimes be used to get a test or avaluable ally back.