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BeestThouNotInHaste 184

Concept Idea

This is more an idea and proof of concept than an actual deck. At its essence, this deck combines 3 things:

  1. The Synergy between [Gríma](/card/07002) and [Galadriel](/card/08112)
  2. A mono- deck with access to , courtesy of Galadriel wielding [Nenya](/card/08121)
  3. Huge allies benefiting from not exhausting to quest because of Galadriel's ability

On Galadriel and Grima

Grima and Galadriel complement eachother rather nicely: Grima gives resources (in a way) at the cost of threat, while Galadriel counteracts this doomed with threat reduction, and gives you a card at the same time. These two provide resource acceleration and card draw: two of the most critical components of a strong deck. In addition, Mirror of Galadriel more or less allows you to pick and choose what you draw each turn, and Grima and Keys of Orthanc make it more likely you'll be able to play whatever you fetch with the Mirror. Unfortunately, this combination is not without flaws: Galadriel needs readying (such as Unexpected Courage), as without it, you have only 2 heroes-worth of stats, one of which is Grima. If you have more copies of Unexpected Courage, I'd highly advise that you throw them in. Similarly, you'll want to choose a hero with high stats to compensate for these two's lack.

On Mono Lore with Access to Spirit

Given my limited card pool, monosphere decks are far from viable. The introduction of resource Icon makes deck building a little bit more interesting, but I'm not sure what the implications are for a larger card pool.

On Huge Allies not Exhausting to Quest

Gandalf and Saruman are very good. Gandalf and Saruman not exhausting to quest is extremely good. Being able to mindlessly quest with them makes them feel so much better for their costs. In particular, Saruman feels much more usable when Galadriel is providing consistent threat reduction.

Apart from these two wizards, [Gildor Inglorion](/card/02079) and [Haldir of Lórien](/card/02057) are also pretty fantastic when they don't exhaust to quest. Unfortunately, most of the other allies in this deck are not ideal, as I lack many of the allies who would really appreciate Galadriel's ability. Those of you with a wider selection of cards might find the following allies good to include:
  • [Gaffer Gamgee](/card/19115)
  • [Elrond](/card/142005)
  • any of the many 4 cost allies with 2


This was an interesting deckbuilding concept, but I found that it didn't really suit my play style. I much prefer having reliable heroes over powerful allies. Grima and Galadriel, while powerful, require quite a bit of support to work effectively. What do you think? What sort of cards would you include in a deck like this? Are there any allies you think would benefit from Grima and Galadriel's synergy?