Against the Shadow MonoLore

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Adaepholn 80

Adaepholn has a newer deck inspired by this one: Against the Shadow MonoLore 2

A mono-lore deck that I am hoping to use for Heirs of Numenor and Against the Shadow. I know that I will have to replace Faramir for the last 2 scenarios - I haven't decided which hero to replace him with yet - my current shortlist is in the sideboard. I am playing this deck with a mono-tactics deck two-handed. The other deck is linked in the fellowship.

I've played Peril in Pelargir and Into Ithilien so far. This deck has been very helpful with all the Traps. Faramir having Ranged is very helpful for dealing with enemies engaged with the partner deck. He has also been good for Battle questing for those scenarios as he starts the game at 4 attack.

I'm not sure if I have too many allies in this deck - cards like Ithilien Archer, Gildor and Haldir might be unecessary. I haven't played them so far but those scenarios are quite fast paced. For a longer scenario I might make more use of them.

I'm using cards from the first 3 full cycles, OHaUH and the full LotR Saga.

Any feedback is very welcome!