Against the Shadow MonoLore 2

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Adaepholn 78

A mono-lore deck that used for a run through of Heirs of Numenor and Against the Shadow. I began with Faramir until The Blood of Gondor, then used Aragorn with no success. I then swapped to Glorfindel and used him for The Morgul Vale as well. I played this deck with a mono-tactics deck two-handed. The other deck is linked in the fellowship.

I found this deck was very strong against Peril in Pelargir, The Druadan Forest and The Morgul Vale. It didn't cope very well against The Siege of Cair Andros and The Blood of Gondor. I'll add more details on the scenarios in the fellowship description.

When I was using Faramir, I usually left him ready to help attack enemies that the Tactics deck engaged. With Glorfindel I usually quested but he could help attack with other allies against weaker enemies. Forest Patrol was very useful along with the other Traps. Ithilien Pit was actually quite useful against lots of enemies. Gildor's Counsel also worked very well in Assault on Osgiliath and was nice to use as part of a final push in lots of scenarios.

The sideboard contains cards I used for some of the scenarios. I began with 3 Ranger Bows but didn't find them very useful. Advance Warning was useful in Into Ithilien but I swapped that out later for location control in the Steward's Fear.

This was only built using cards from the first 3 full cycles, OHaUH and the full LotR Saga.

Any feedback is very welcome!