How hard can you theme? This hard.

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Thrakhath 44

I don't know if this deck can actually accomplish anything, but I feel as though once you have all 13 dwarves AND Bilbo AND Gandalf in play, you can just declare victory at that point!

In case it isn't clear, the only real way to do it is to Helm of Secrecy Dori into Balin and then play Dori ally. I couldn't find any other way this works.

Bonus, once you play a single Dwarf all your 5+ abilities will be active. I'm sure that counts for something?

Sideboard cards (other than Balin) are just leftover from while I was tweaking things trying to get it to work.


Jan 16, 2021 Sfrug 329

Might consider Heed the Dream to dig out the Helm of Secrecy.

Jan 16, 2021 doomguard 1319

and with Gandalf he stays and increase he chances to get em all. buz then u need more thread reduction, but is not hard, replace smoke and think by The Galadhrim's Greeting or Smoke Rings and well equipped by keen as lances, then with your allready taken favour of the valar you have enough for thread reduction

Jan 17, 2021 plessiosaurus 60

Love the theme. One too many neutral cards though for the contract.