Aragorn Quad-sphere

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TheWhee 45

looking for some input on where to trim this deck.


Aug 19, 2021 ahez20 41

How do you pay for the unique cards with this deck? The Grey Wanderer only allows you to pay for non-unique cards from any sphere.

Aug 19, 2021 GreenWizard 268

@ahez20 I guess he has to use Thorongil to bring in Aragorn until he buys Sword that was Broken.

Aug 19, 2021 doomguard 1245

the questing is limited (even asuming strider is the default-attachment) the willpower will not much increase. so it is a fightingdeck. for that the attackstrength is to low. but this can be increased by weapons.

so i would put in:

  • 3 #dagger (can also be attached to other players if needed)
  • 1 axe
  • 1 warriorsword
    • 1 raiment
  • 2 thorongil (its so good with aragorn, get it with higher chances, gives you leaership, sentinel)

i would discard

  • 2 elvenfriend (why? for the bow you do not need it)
  • 2 sword that was broken (you do not have much allies, its not worth it)
  • 1 dunedain signal (u get sentinel with thorongil, and do not need it this much, because you can engage after killing,
  • 1 ring of bahir (one is enough, if u can play it at all)
  • 1 celebrian stone (can only have 1 and its not this important for a fightingdeck)

so your events can be optimized. you cannot use the spiritevents, because you have no UNIQUE noldor/silvan. replace it with nice fightingevents e.g 3 feint and +1 quickstrike (quickstrike allows you, if you have an enemy engaged and can kill him, to use in the questphase and angage an enemy from the staging, reducing the thread in the staging this way)

Aug 19, 2021 TheWhee 45

@ahez20 I originally thought to use Thorongil, but I have also used song of kings in a few games. I also change which Aragorn is default depending on scenario.