protect the bear

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doomguard 1572

this is a deck, that try to protect beorn, so much early defense can be done. this is particulary good in quests, where refreshing is punished, because he do not need to exhaust to defend (yes i am looking at you:


give dori the ring and as much hp as possible and let him take the big damage from beorns defending. heal him at the end of the round with Well Preserved

mulligan for Ring of Barahir it is worth at least 2 hp (the one ring is a artifact too)

little things:

  • dori can pile many hp
    1. one ring +well preserved 1
    1. bahirs ring (one ring) 2
    1. if bahirs ring each +1 thors key, thrors map, magic ring max +3
    1. plate +4 get lucky and use it with Well-Equipped
    1. boots +1
    1. very lucky Golden Belt + another plate +4
    1. spare pipe +1

overall maximum hp + 16 hp

  • Song of Mocking is for galadriel in desire of need (she targets dori when he is low and so dmg can be devided.
  • Honour Guard helps
  • Lembas helps at the start, where dori neither have a courage nor many hp
  • drinking song helps to get bahirs ring and mirror-setup

Aug 24, 2021 AJ_800 279

I love the idea! Is Beorn not immune to Dori's damage redirect? Or does Dori's effect get around the "player effect" restriction somehow?

Aug 24, 2021 cowZarific 59

This sounds extremely fantastic! @AJ_800I would think this could get around it, because technically you are taking the damage before it gets to Beorn so I feel like it should be okay? Love this deck idea as well. Excited to try it out!

Aug 24, 2021 cowZarific 59

@AJ_800i feel like (MotK) Dori response is similar to Beorn's Rage response. So I think this totally works which is awesome!

Aug 24, 2021 doomguard 1572

it does work like the Honour Guard the explanation is kind of weird (the damage takes place before its part of the hero, what the wording of dori implies but not the wording of the guard, but both work) between asigning and "placing" these effects take place.

you cannot prevent damage if u want to use a benefit that needs the damage like Erkenbrand or Quickbeam there the "cost" of the dmg has to be paid if you want to use the benefit.

Aug 24, 2021 cowZarific 59

@doomguardvery nice! It's cool to know there are some subtle ways around Beorn taking damage. Loyal Hound is another great option to protect the bear from some damage.