Eagles and Dunedain

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SchadenfreudeNE 207

(Fixed to make the deck contract compliant.)

I put this deck together last night to include some of the new ALeP cards. Golden Crown and the new Eagle Heroes really make an Eagle deck easier to play through resource acceleration. Guided by Fate was awesome when I could get it set up. Definitely helps with the Encounter-Ally cards!

Looking forward to playing this deck in multiplayer!


Sep 09, 2021 SchadenfreudeNE 207

As doomguard points out, you can only have 3 set aside encounter cards. In most cases I would probably take x1 Eagle and x2 rangers to hopefully help get a discount on Eagles from the contract.

Oct 02, 2021 ellipticaltable 183

I'm curious why you went with Ranger Summons over Flight of the Eagles?

Oct 02, 2021 SchadenfreudeNE 207

More Rangers to make Eagles cheaper with the contract. I also like the ability to add progress with the rangers. Eagles are also good, though.