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leanderk 8

This deck was published prematurely for testing on DragnCards, and has been streamlined:

While having 2x Unexpected Courage is ideal, just having one is enough to cut down on another core set.


Minimizing expansions for a solo Vilya deck

  • Core Set x2
  • Flame Of The West
  • Return To Mirkwood
  • The Dead Marshes
  • The Mumakil
  • Flight Of The Stormcaller
  • Foundations Of Stone
  • The Drowned Ruins
  • Shadow And Flame
  • The Long Dark
  • The Dread Realm

Getting Khazad-dum and The Grey Havens maximizes playable quests.


Nov 18, 2021 Emmental 274

For a budget deck, maybe only 1 Unexpected Courage (traded for the third Elven-light ?). Because buying a second Core Set for one card isn't really "minimizing" imo^^

Nov 18, 2021 leanderk 8

Yeah, I was thinking about that. It's not a problem if it's the revised core set. I also have an extra Henamarth Riversong as well. Need to do more testing to see if I can cut Eagles of the Misty Mountains, or other budget options for healing/penetrating defense (to cut Long Dark and Drowned Ruins and Dead Marshes)