Optimus Prime... SUPER MODE!

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Optimus Prime ... Super Mode!


Autobots the free peoples of Middle Earth wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons Sauron! Gondor is strong, but the might of Gondor wanes, and even under the leadership of the great Optimus Prime (Boromir), his meager 2 and 3 are not enough to stand up to the forces of evil. Fortunately for his troops, Boromir has a secret weapon he can use to face the darkness: he can invoke the power of the Matrix Of Combination (Support of the Eagles) to combine with his trailer (Eagles of the Misty Mountains) to enter into...

Optimus Prime... Super Mode!


The primary goal of this deck is to boost Boromir up to insane levels of and using Support of the Eagles.

Starting Hand

  • [Eagles of the Misty Mountains](/card/02119) are an excellent option most of the time, as their high stats allow them to function without the help of other cards, and they only get more powerful as the game progresses.
  • [Nenya](/card/08121) is good if the other players aren't able to contribute enough
  • Support of the Eagles is only really good if you get [Vassal of the Windlord](/card/02098) or [Winged Guardian](/card/02004) as well.
  • [Mirror of Galadriel](/card/08118) is great for fetching all of the specialized cards this deck needs

Early Game

  • Try to avoid losing eagles early game: Wait until you have an Eagle of the Misty Mountains in play. If need be, you can use [Gwaihir](/card/08059) in case you lose allies prior to that.
  • Use [Mirror of Galadriel](/card/08118), [The Eagles Are Coming!](/card/02005), and [Ancient Mathom](/card/02056) to grab key cards. As per most of my decks, Mirror is not a card you will trigger every turn, only when you need it. If you discard an eagle by the effect, you can recur them using Gwaihir. [Westfold Horse-breeder](/card/07007) can fetch [Rohan Warhorse](/card/07008), which allows Boromir to attack 2-3 times for about 10 once he gets set up, which is nice.
  • Don't take enemies before you are ready: Once this deck gets set up, you'll be able to easily destroy multiple large enemies every turn, but you need to build up a bit first.

Mid Game

  • Ideally, you should have Eagles of the Misty Mountains, Nenya, and at least one copy Support of the Eagles in play by turn 3 or 4
  • Mid game, you'll be chumping with eagles to start powering up the Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

Late Game

  • One shot bosses with Boromir. It is common for him and Eagles of the Misty Mountains to attack together for upwards of 13
  • Put [Unexpected Courage](/card/01057) on [Galadriel](/card/08112) so that you can maintain your threat while still being able to boost with Nenya.


Use [Power of Orthanc](/card/07014) in quests with condition attachments.