YOU get a card! And YOU get a card! And YOU get a card!

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stone_of_eric 61

Fun, mono Lore, multiplayer support deck. Designed for 3-4 players where other players are handling the questing and combat, and you get to give everyone across the table lots of card draw, healing, play traps, get side quests out, etc. This deck has very low starting threat of 22 but will need to be protected by other players' Ranged/Sentinel characters.

I'll emphasize here...DO NOT PLAY THIS DECK SOLO!

Have fun, the other players will love you!


Mar 28, 2022 doomguard 2019

you can even improve your tasks, put in some Halfling Bounder and consider the Master of the Forge you have 22 attachements.

would discard Daughter of the Nimrodel she is too expensive for what she does, if you think you need more healing than the warden, i think Healing Herbs should do it.

what about Drinking Song? for me its autoinclude with lore and a hobbit. would reduce to 1 Haldir of Lórien and 1 Gildor Inglorion

Mar 29, 2022 stone_of_eric 61

@doomguard Great ideas!