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TheChad 11150

This is the deck I built to play alongside the Dunedain deck I built using cards from the Angmar Awakened box and the revised Core set.

A video of this deck being built can be found here:

Videos of this deck in action are coming soon.

This is not a solo deck. I did not add cards that will help this deck in the combat phase against most quests. This is a deck that is meant to be played alongside a deck that wants to focus on combat.

The high- heroes allow you to leave most of the heroes on the other side of the table ready. The cost curve is very low, allowing you to get cheap allies into play, or to cancel treacheries or heal.

Use Stand and Fight to bring allies that you discarded into play, the Elven Jeweler can use her action in any action window, and Silver Harp can 'save' a key card from Erestor's ability at the end of the round.


Aug 05, 2022 ring3r 1

Hi Chad. Thanks for this deck!

I was wondering what you would suggest to add to this deck using the starter Decks, in order to make it work solo?

Thanks for your help and thoughts!

Aug 06, 2022 TheChad 11150

@ring3r thanks for checking the deck out, in the video I suggest cards. Elronds council is a definite three of.

Sep 21, 2022 Wittebaard 1

A couple of questions I have as a new player to this game:

  1. What is the use of Curious Brandybuck in this deck? Is he in there as chump blocking in case its needed? He looks pretty situational to me, so hence the question.
  2. Is it possible to play 2 Silver Harps (1 on Arwen and 1 on Eowyn) and then return 2 cards per turn? For instance, if I discard 2 card to play the Elven Jeweler, am I then able to return both of them at the same time and therefore effectively play Jeweler for free?

Sep 21, 2022 TheChad 11150

@TheChad welcome to the game, the questions you asked are answered in the video but I'll gladly answer them here as well.

  1. Because you have to discard your cards at the end of each round getting an ally in for free makes sense because you're likely unable to afford all the cards you're holding in your hand. Whether you chump with him or quest, he was in play and didn't cost you any resources.
  2. Yes, it is not unique. And because each response triggers separately you can have multiple responses on the same trigger and the owner of the cards gets to decide the order in which to trigger these. That's a good combo.