Defense and Cancellation

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Birdman's Con of the Rings '22 Decks (1/2)
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Birdman137 30

I am very excited to go to Con of the Rings this year after having recently gotten into the game and have started brainstorming "Con" decks to bring along. As a primarily solo player to this point, I've had to rethink deckbuilding a bit for a multiplayer setting. This deck in particular, was one of the first decks I started working on. I admittedly have never played this deck and probably won't get a chance to until the Con since it seems like it would be best at 3-4 player count. I would love to get some feedback on the deck and hear any suggestions you may have.

This deck has 2 primary purposes: to defend like crazy and to provide cancellation (shadow, treachery, damage, surge). Two sentinel heroes, plenty of readying, and numerous sentinel allies should allow the deck to do the majority of the defending in a 3 or 4 player game.

The first Gondorian Shield would go on Beregond and hopefully you can get one on Eleanor as well. The Day's Rising would go on Beregond since the deck is weighted towards Tactics. Blood of Numenor could go on either Eleanor or Erkenbrand depending on who has resources piling up. Arwen Undómiel will boost defense and can give sentinel to either Eleanor or Defender of Rammas. I envision Common Cause to be used with Eleanor to ready Beregond if there is no treachery to cancel. Captain of Gondor would probably go on Erkenbrand to give him some attack power if he had readying available.

This deck will do nothing but defend and cancel so it will need support in combat and questing. The deck also lacks card draw. Erkenbrand and Derndingle Warrior would benefit from a bit of healing.