F-Ents-y little army

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Race Across Harad - 2 Players - 2022-09-01
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F-Ents-y little army
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TheMisFitMan 269

Mulligan for Treebeard in your starting hand and play him in the first round (thanks to Denethor‘s additional resources).

Attach Ancestral Armor and a copy of Gondorian Shield and Ent Draught to Denethor.

Attach Wingfoot to Damrod and The Red Arrow to Hirgon.

Move Denethor‘s resources to Damrod or Hirgon every round, if they aren‘t needed for Sneak Attack or Ancestral Armor.

You can bring a real army of Ents to the table, if you play this deck together with “F-Ents-y little trees“. Make sure, that you remove all copies of Treebeard, Skinbark, Leaflock, Quickbeam and Beechbone from that second deck and replace them with cards of its sideboard.