Elfhelm/Theoden - End of All Things

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redandgray 93

My first crack at an End of All Things deck. The big synergy is from Elfhelm and the contract's sharing of resource icons - a single mount would give each hero 1 and 1 , turning Theoden into a 4/4/4 or Elfhelm into a 4/3/4 - while Theoden's cost reduction helps a bit with the resource restrictions.

Depending on the quest, you could also swap Theoden for Thengel for a bit of a WP boost and some extra utility out of Rohan discard mechanics, though the 3-cost allies would be a problem.

Mulligan for a mount and/or Strider. Card draw's a bit of an issue, though Open the Gates and Westfold Horse-breeder are helpful in that regard. If you don't have Snowmane, Strider, and any other mount in play by turn 4, flip the contract to grab what you're missing - otherwise, it can be helpful for tracking down Herugrim or Guthwine.


Oct 19, 2022 doomguard 1955

like the idea. suggest threadreducing, you start with 30 (contract) so can imagine reducing would help. (sneack+gandalf seems the best) would include Hauberk of Mail both can have it. would include Horn of the Mark

consider The Muster of Rohan very good playable after flipping contract.

Oct 19, 2022 NERD 802

With Well Warned, I think A Lesson in Caution would provide enough threat reduction. I love the deck idea.

Oct 19, 2022 redandgray 93

Thanks, all. Good call on Horn of the Mark and Muster as a post-flip swing. I haven’t found threat to be an issue so far, but Lesson in Caution is definitely always useful.

Feb 23, 2024 Birdman137 111

I just build a similar deck to this one and came to see if anyone already thought of the idea. You beat me to it. Nice work. I love the synergy between Elfhelm and At the End of All Things. I really want to make an Elfhelm, TaTheoden version of this deck but it's really tough with no good resource acceleration...