The will of the west

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Yepesnopes 1194

Yepesnopes has a newer deck inspired by this one: The will of the west

I guess this deck is nothing new, but I enjoy playing it a lot.

Look for Expert Treasure Hunter, Light of Valinor, Wizard pipe (or Bilbo), or Vilya in your starting hand.

I typically play Expert treasure hunter on Glorfindel first and Gandalf afterwards and use it for card drawing, or for resource acceleration in combination with Hidden Cache.

The Wizard Pipes of course go on Gandalf and Radagast.

I typically put one Unexpected Courage on Elrond and one or two on Gandalf. I have no hard rule who gets it first, depends on the game. Typically the first one goes on Gandalf, but it depends if I have Shadow Fax already in play, Narya etc.

Gildor Inglorion + Burning Brand + Cloak of Lorien + Arwen Undomiel + the reading effect of Narya makes him an excellent blocker. The second Burning Brand may go on Elrond or Gandalf.

Beside treachery and shadow cancellation, the deck has tons of healing with Elrond and the Wardens of Healing, Radagast and the Wellinghall Preserver

Deck customization: I typically tweak the number of The Galadhrim's Greetings in the deck depending on the quest. Often I play only with one and I add some Flame of Anor or another copy of Gildor. Depending on the quest, like the DrĂșadan Forest, you may want to include a third Warden of Healing. Lately, I have changed Landroval for Legolas due to the later card draw's ability, but honestly, the deck does not suffer too much by changing allies if you need to improve its compatibility with other decks.