Elven Tap-Dance

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All the decks I make are intended for multi-player games, since I enjoy the social aspect of playing with others. This means that the decks tend to be specialised and rely on combining with other decks that specialise in other aspects of play. Please bear this in mind when reviewing and commenting on the deck.

This deck uses Elrohir and Elladan with lots of attachments and events to increase their strength and repeatedly readies them for defence and attack with their inbuilt abilities. It is best if you can get Steward of Gondor into play early in the game (take a mulligan to get this if needed) to build up resources. Unlike most decks, this deck can use its resources effectively with the inbuilt abilities of its heroes, so there is no real need for additional care-draw to use your resources.

Once the deck has built up its heroes and saved up sufficient resources you can play The Hammer-stroke to engage all enemies and defeat them with repeated defence and attack. For a large attack like this it is useful to play Unseen Strike and Blade Mastery to give your heroes bonuses for the rest of the phase.