Traps Can Kill

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D4rkWolf10 499

With the release of The City of Corsairs AP, Ranger Trap decks got a nice boost with the additions of Guardian of Ithilien and Ranger Spear. While most, if not all deck lists I've seen so far have been at least dual sphere, I wanted to try my hand at making a mono lore rangers deck focusing on traps and avoiding combat.

Between Damrod, Peace, and Thought, and Mithrandir's Advice, you have plenty of card draw to get your traps and events that prevent enemy engagement. My main intent with the deck is to either prevent combat completely and allow Haldir to snipe enemies in the staging area (and Faramir if you manage to have copies of Ithilien Pit in play) or trap enemies to weaken them and return them to the staging area to be picked off with Ranger Bow. Haldir of Lórien and Faramir can get nice bonuses to their attack via Ranger Spear. The most fun combination I like in the deck is utilizing Anborn to constantly recycle Ithilien Pit, and then recycling your engagement preventing events with Scroll of Isildur to let Haldir and Faramir kill enemies repeatedly in the staging area.

If you're worried about a particular quest dealing damage that you can't avoid, I'd recommend 3 copies Warden of Healing. Please let me know of any suggestions to make the deck better. Thanks!


Nov 01, 2016 D4rkWolf10 499

@Beorn. I will say this deck was a desire I've had for a while now (mono lore Rangers), but since you listed Faramir as your least favorite Lore hero in your Hero Showdown I thought I'd give it my best shot at utilizing him. Hope you like it!

Nov 05, 2016 Beorn 13562

I like it. Guardian of Ithilien fits quite well into the strategy. This is absolutely a deck that needs to be played in multiplayer as mono-Lore does not quest well. Having another player to play Tactics weapons on Haldir also makes a big difference and the Tactics resources would allow them to pay the kicker on Arrows from the Trees. It's nice to see Lore Faramir put to good use.