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Thematic Saga - "Mount Doom"
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Tubarush 436

This is one of the 2 decks for "Mount Doom" in my Thematic Saga run (which includes the 2 PoD quests that are inserted after the 1st quest in Black Riders.)

Mulligan for Fellowship of the Ring...unless you happen to have Unexpected Courage and either Shadowfax or the 2nd UC for a lot of readying power.

Song of Hope gets played on the Hobbits in the partner deck, as they will generally have some extra resources, whereas this deck will not. I put the first one on Merry.

You will want to use Gandalf's Staff to generate resources for Gimli (usually), so he can afford to ready Legolas every round and hopefully, maybe play Galadriel from your hand so she can dig for an attachment.

Sneak Attack Elrond for healing and questing power. He can also get rid of that horrible Condition attachment that can do some real damage.

Galadriel's Response does not work with a Sneak Attack, so don't do that unless you're desperate for her questing power.