Beorning Rangers

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redandgray 93

Not to be confused with the 1998 Sega Saturn title.

Beorning Skin-changer is really good. With Birna, it's REALLY good. With Birna and The Last Alliance, it's bananas. In theory, this is a Vigilant Dunadan deck; the Skin-changer gets him out for cheap (possibly turn 1, since the Skin-changer costs 1 with the TLA discount) and Osbera allows you to keep him free from damage. In practice, though, the ALeP Beorning toys are solid enough for this to work even if the Dunadan never comes online, because you'll be using Skin-changer to play all sorts of 4- and 5-cost allies at will, and Osbera's ability to redirect damage is super useful in any circumstance.

I wouldn't call this a powerhouse; it can struggle with threat (hence Secret Vigil in the sideboard) and it can definitely stall out if you rely too much on the shuffle-into-your-deck effects of the beefy Beorning allies. There's some card draw there, but not enough to keep your board state intact if you're heavily relying on Beorn and Giant Bear. That said, it's still fun to play, and can hold its own both solo and in multiplayer. Just don't try to think too hard about the thematic implications of a Beorning suddenly shapeshifting into Faramir.


May 26, 2023 NERD 826

This is my favorite type of deck; great job! I am honestly mad I never figured out the idea. I might do a spin-off with Dunedain/Beornings. Do you grab The Storm Comes or Keep Watch with Thurindir?

May 27, 2023 redandgray 93

I typically go for Gather Information, just because the Skin-changer/Birna combo is so useful and it’s rare to get them both in the opening hand. Keep Watch is a close second, though.

May 27, 2023 NERD 826

If you don't grab The Storm Comes, I'm not sure that the Northern Trackers are worth including.

May 30, 2023 doomguard 2047

@NERD he can cheat them in with a Beorning Skin-changer (+contract) and thats very worth it ;) specially in multiplayer, solo only in locationheavy szenarios needed, but they are good fighters too.

i would perhaps add an original Faramir if more questing is needed.

overall, well designed deck, i would perhaps add 1-2 Song of Battle depending of experience. good choice of attachments that are not restricted and can be kept by osbera during flipping

Jun 01, 2023 redandgray 93

Thanks! And yeah, Northern Trackers are only ever played via Skin-changer. I haven’t had any too much of an issue with tactics resources, between Mablung’s effects and a flipped Osbera, but will keep those songs in mind in case I run into issues in the future.

Jun 01, 2023 doomguard 2047

osbera flipps back if you killed your enemy, keep one engaged is another risk.