Hunting the Lost Silmaril

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The Closing of an Age
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Fjord 27


Sep 19, 2023 doomguard 1725

would not take 3 Silver Harp with only 1 spirit-hero, would replace 2 of them with more shields (Gondorian Shield or Round Shield) or 1 Silver Circlet

Sep 19, 2023 Fjord 27

Feels like you want to see the Silver Harp early. One cost, draw a card every turn, one willpower is pretty important for setup.

Have had more shields in previous versions but all three heroes are reasonable defenders using their large health pools and the free healing of the contract.

Sep 19, 2023 doomguard 1725

the shields are to flip contract soon and cheap, not because of more needed defense. i would assume flipping more early is more important than early more cards, or do u have other experience?

Sep 20, 2023 Fjord 27

I had the same thought initially, focusing on the contract as a deck building puzzle. Trying to keep 25+ restricted items for consistent fast flips.

However, the guy piloting the deck would often choose a slower, more efficient path. The healing often isn't needed in the first few turns and willpower is great but this deck is our most combat capable in those turns and might only quest Cirdan. Early, the best part of the contract might be the 6-9 free resources of cost reduction. Requires you to take your time and play one per hero per turn and avoid dropping attachments you'll replace.