We've Got Spirit, Yes, We Do!

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prestovenger 35

prestovenger has a newer deck inspired by this one: We've Got Spirit, Yes, We Do!

I play tested this a few times in different scenarios and I was both impressed AND it was a lot of fun! I would say the biggest 'disadvantage' is not having an ability to heal, but keeping your threat very low allows you to build up a team of allies and really start making headway in the quests. Also, getting Gandalf in and make him an additional hero is great! Just by the way, because I'm fairly new still, I assume once Gandalf comes in and is made a hero by using Sword-thain, he also generates resources (colorless), correct?


Nov 19, 2023 Smiticus 5

My understanding is that Gandalf does not have a sphere of influence (neutral), so he cannot be a target for Sword-thain. It is similar to the limitation on Stand and Fight, which cannot target neutral allies.

Nov 21, 2023 prestovenger 35

Hmmm, I didn't think of that. Thanks for pointing that out.

Nov 21, 2023 doomguard 2094

you get him a sphere with Narya and then he can get Sword-thain long road but doable, with Mirror of Galadriel perhaps not that problem to get the right cards in the right order.

and obviously you are missing Nenya how else you want to pay for green cards?

consider Reforged you perhaps discard some attachments with the Zigil Miner

where is A Test of Will