Elrond / Gandalf / Arwen Undomiel for the strongest solo dec

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Elrond / Gandalf / Glorfindel my most powerful multi deck 11 8 0 1.0
Elrond and Gandalf 0 0 1 1.0
Elrond / Gandalf / Arwen Undomiel for the strongest solo dec 2 2 0 2.0
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Rouxxor 1327

Rouxxor has a newer deck inspired by this one: Elrond / Gandalf / Glorfindel my most powerful multi deck

Rouxxor has a newer deck inspired by this one: Elrond / Gandalf / Arwen Undomiel for the strongest solo dec

My actual version actually play: -1 Gimli -1 Lindir +1 Firyal +1 Jubayr

None of these allies are avaible so they aren't in base for the moment

This is the deck I train with since many years. Based in Elrond + Vilya I'm able to play a free card each turn. I try to get the best card possible (like Beorn, Gildor of Boromir) each turn so I'm quickly able to defeat anything. But I play only a few of them so the major part of my deck can still be played very easly by the regular way: paying them.

With Gandalf hero this deck gain a lot. Not only because he can play a lot of cards from top of the deck (a lot of Card Advantage) but also because we know alway know what we put with Elrond.

The third hero is clearly the most arguable. Glorfindel take the spot during a large period but gaining ressources is too powerful. Galadriel can also be played instead but is not that great here.

With this deck I have played and success in every scenario, nightmares includes. He doesn't have any real weakness. Is most important is the threat but we play a lot of cards to maintain it under a reasonnable level. I only feel the inconvenient in "Back to Mirkwood" nightmare. The only other problematic scenario are the most difficult in the game (Dol Guldur nightmare, 5 armies nightmare).

We got a bunche of powerful attachments that you mulligan for. First of all vilya, the most important card in your deck. But light of valinor and gandalf's staff are really good too. The first one have to be play on Elrond, the staff usually give ressources in the first places then discard shadow cards in a preemptive way. Unexpected courage is particulary powerful in this deck where heroes have crazy stats (3 in each). Getting a second utilisation of Gandalf each turn and a third of Elrond is very interesting. Wizard pipe is used a few time to put back on top exepensive cards in hand but is also used to optimize an use of Gandalf (like put back a test of will or hasty stroke so we can use them on the proper phase, or do the opposite in order to play an ally from top during organisation phase so we have draw the event). Steward of Gondor is the only card that can only play from top. We only play it after long test of different way to gain ressources and we were surprised by it efficacity. It is not mean to be play on the first one but even in Mid-Game it help a lot because you are not really limited by the number of cards you can play each turn (thanks Gandalf) but more by the number of ressources avaible.

We play only a few events even if they are the best cards to see with Gandalf because there is 6 more phase were you can play events than attachments, allies or quests cards. Daeron rune is for me the best card of this game but it even more crazy when played from top: you just draw one more card for 0. Elrond's counsel is a good help to reduce threat and gain will even at the beginning of the game. A test of will are not always a key card but in some scenario you just loose if you have not a lot of them. So there is no way I play less than3 of this. Cancel the only card revealed by encounter deck for only one ressource et one card is really strong. Don't be afraid to do it on treachery who just replace themselves so there will be nothing this turn.

Allies are the most complicated part of this deck obviously. We try to play the best, but not a lot of big allies. We also want small allies to stand the ground at the beginning (quest, kill enemies or die when block). Imladris stargazer seem unrelevant since Gandalf but not at all. You even can settle a perfect turn so you play the right cards at the right phase. You alway need 3 of them. Envoy of pelargir can put ressources where we need them and go in quest or battle depend of what we need for just 1 ressource. Every other ally just are the best at their spot.

Thanks for reading me.


Jan 29, 2017 DazeMan 595

A powerful deck for sure. Whenever running decks with Gandalf, Elrond, and any other heroes who are more powerful with their attachments, I find Master of the Forge does massive amounts of work.

Feb 04, 2017 Rouxxor 1327

It was a long time since I haven't think about playing Master of the forge. He was in my first Elrond decklist. Now with Gandalf I got the feeling that we draw so many cards that we may find anything we want in a short amount of time. So play tutor are not necessary. With Gandalf you play litteraly all our deck in among 7 turns. With stargazer we can find the cancel when we need it and help our friends. Master of lore is more restricted so I don't think he is great enough. But thanks for the advice. I will still think about playing it :).