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jkgjunior 3

This is the last deck in the fellowship. It is under the Forth, The Three Hunters! contract. This is probably the easiest deck to play, but I will still give you some pointers.

1: Mulligan for A Lesson in Caution. It is important to get your threat below 21.

2: Try to get at least 2 attachments on each hero

3: The other two players should be attaching cards to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, but there is a card that only she can attach to herself. When you see a player draw Herugrim, use her power to attach it to her.

4: Read all of the cards carefully. (not just your own) These decks are made to help each other, and 50% of these cards will be new to you (unless you work with ALEP or find this fellowship a year after I published it.)

I hope you enjoy this fellowship. This is a rough draft, and I am open to new ideas. I hope you enjoy playing it.