Gildor's Counsel: For Hard Multiplayer Quests.

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jban 342

Some of the quests out there just do not scale properly with the amount of players. The quests are way too easy for a single player game and nearly impossible for a 4 player crew. The main reason for this are possible surge streaks that will force each tough card to be revealed way too often.

To overcome this, reducing the number of encounter cards is a very serious option to consider. Therefore this deck is build and the card for which everything is build is Gildor's Counsel. While making minimum use of unique cards, you reduce the revealed number of encounter cards by one. Which basically creates a game that is meant for one player less.

Aside from this encounter reduction, the deck does very little. It has some minor supporting cards and provides 3-5 and a 3-5 ranged . Which usually suffices since the 4 player game has become a 3 player game that the other players should also play as a 3 player game. You just try to help anywhere possible.

How to play the deck?

Any starting hand with a Gildor's Counsel and some serious draw is a keeper. Each of the attachments in this deck is meant for Faramir and the idea is to play a new copy of Gildor's Counsel each round (on round 1 you need some luck with the mulligan). I played this deck now over 10 times and from round 2 on I could always play at least 1 Gildor's Counsel per round. Gildor's Counsel costs 4 on average in this deck, since we need to combine it with the Scroll of Isildur in 50% of the cases. There is a decent amount of card recurrence with Scroll of Isildur and Second Breakfast to keep the Counsels going. Once you ran through all your cards, combine Message from Elrond with Will of the West to have your deck reshuffled.

Have fun with it!

PS. The Expert Treasure-hunter will always go blind on event. In case you lose an important attachment, you have Second Breakfast to return it. Otherwise, the Second Breakfast is used to retrieve the Scroll of Isildur.


May 18, 2017 perseflamme 25

It works ! Jban played a council every turn, except for the last one, where he playes two !!!