At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

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Aurion 775

This deck was designed to support my March of the Ents deck (available here: by adding some much needed threat reduction, treachery and shadow card negation as well as greater questing ability and some more gadgets for our hobbits.

As a basic strategy, Celebrían's Stone and Steward of Gondor should both be played on Aragorn as soon as possible to help pay for both and cards. Gather Information should be used to bring out either of these cards if they are proving illusive. I would say that Celebrían's Stone is the more vital of the two however, as it will make the deck run more smoothly. However, a Song of Travel on Sam Gamgee works just as well and that may end up deciding who Steward of Gondor gets played on.

Frodo Baggins should be reserved for defending at least until a way to ready him can be found (even after this, it would probably be better having him defend multiple times) and for that reason, a Hobbit Cloak should definitely be played on him - as should Staff of Lebethron. Arwen Undómiel's ability can boost his further and if you are playing with the March of the Ents deck, a Ring Mail can boost his even further. Sam Gamgee and Aragorn will therefore take care of both questing and attack with their self-readying effects.