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Win - Desert Crossing - 4 Players - 2021-09-19
Into Fangorn - 3 Players - 2021-11-23
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The (Eowyn) Deck you want your Friend to Play 47 34 7 1.0
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Seastan 31281

Seastan has a newer deck inspired by this one: The (Eowyn) Deck you want your Friend to Play

Here's a deck that anyone will be happy to see from across the table.

  • Apart from your heroes, you aren't taking up any uniques (Black Arrow doesn't really count).
  • You have a strong sentinel defender so that your partner can rest easy.
  • You have a powerful ranged attacker that can dispatch enemies before they attack or even enemies still in the staging area.
  • You have lots of Willpower to contribute to the quest.
  • With Arwen's resource generation, it's quite easy to play Unexpected Courage on Beregond or Haldir for more defense or attack, or for siege or battle quests.

Apr 13, 2016 teamjimby 839

Such an appropriate name and a solid, balanced deck. What do you like so much about the Elven Jewelers? I'm also curious about the Rivendell Bows since they don't work with Haldir's ability. I guess with Unexpected Courage he might also make a ranged attack in addition to his snipe attack.

Apr 13, 2016 jodudeit 18

Curse you and your three core sets! Who has 3x of Unexpected Courage?

Apr 13, 2016 Seastan 31281

@teamjimbyI like the Jewelers because they allow you another way of dumping your Elven-lights. Once per round with Arwen is not enough. They often quest for a couple turns then end up as a chump block. Not bad for an essentially free ally. Also the ability can be used in any phase so he can be used like a kind of Feint in a pinch.

In my experience Haldir often uses his ability to snipe an enemy that is about to attack another player. Rivendell Bow helps boost his attack without the cost of a restricted slot.

Apr 13, 2016 Seastan 31281

@jodudeitThe 3 Unexpected Courage are definitely not necessary. Just put in another Lembas or Deep Knowledge of one of the other 2x cards.

Apr 13, 2016 Aorakis 508

Ahah, got a pretty much exactly similar deck !

If more people were playing decks like that on "random" game, the game would be easier ! Every player with some wp, att, def ! makes everything easier ^^

Arwen, make so many deck much more viable early game, with that +1 ressource for playing Courage ! this only "combo" make such an helpful job on first turns ! I think i like her especially for that ^^

See you on some game soon !


Apr 14, 2016 Seastan 31281

@Aorakis I agree, the first turn Unexpected Courage is one of Arwen's biggest strengths I think.

Apr 14, 2016 Aorakis 508

Yeah, she's really good. That and the elven light for drawing. That's two really nice reason ! After even got some valinor + tinuviel on a dunedain that is really good aswell.

The Only "default" of this deck, (for what i experienced with mine), is that after a while, Lore & Tactics Ressources are accumulating and unspent at all, wich might me a lost.

Do you have that feeling that when you play your deck ?

That's why i bring a Legolas ally and or some Knights of the swan, or even some Travel Song to use the elven light more often.

But it's a small default i reckon, as this deck make so much to help the table (quest, kill and defense !)

That's why I like it : it's never bad on a table !

Apr 14, 2016 13nrv 3667

Elven Spear could be great too for Elven-light !

Apr 14, 2016 Seastan 31281

@AorakisGood suggestions. I think Legolas ally is good, but Gandalf might be better to use up all the extra resources. I wanted to try to not use uniques in this deck, but if you know there will be no conflict then they are good additions.

@13nrvYes it is! I would perhaps put it on Arwen though. Putting it on Haldir uses up a restricted slot, and you will not be able to maintain discarding to Elven Spear 2 times per round to make it equivalent to the other weapons.

Apr 14, 2016 Aorakis 508

Yeah 2 gandalf v1 might be good for some blast or threat reduing.

Legolas can also have the second rivendel blade widh makes him really good.

Problem is they are dead card early game.

Gondorian fire on beregon maybe ? If he got an untap for attacking..

Or simply some excellent low cost allies like : warden of healing and honor guard might be helpfull in multiplayers.

But need more slots wich is hard too find here i reckon.

Apr 14, 2016 Seastan 31281

@AorakisYes it's hard to make room for anything else in this deck without giving up something valuable. But if you know what your partner's deck does or what quest you are playing you could tune it better. So I consider this a base deck, without any of that knowledge. It's "safe" to just give it to some player who wants something simple and wants to contribute to all aspects of the game.

Apr 14, 2016 Aorakis 508

absolutely, the basics are solid. To adapt on quest, people might just make their sideboard and that's it !

As you said, quite hard finding room in there.

And as long the job is done (defenses, attacks and some wp) i reckon, accumulating ressources is not that much of a problem.

Apr 16, 2016 sappidus 656

@Seastan, I love that even in a deck that's supposed to play super-nice with others, you still have Doomed cards. (I kid: I don't remember the last time someone asked, "Hey, anyone mind me playing Deep Knowledge?" and others being all, "Nooo...!")

Apr 18, 2016 Bullgator 262

Played this deck in a 3 player game against Voyage Across Belegaer. Other decks were a dwarf deck and Noldor/Sylvan. It plays very well - brings something helpful to the table virtually every turn.

Apr 21, 2016 delphinidae 116

Played this deck in a two player game against The Seventh Level. The other deck was a Gandalf / Treebeard / Elrond deck. It was pretty good. My partner didn't mind me playing that Deep Knowledge at all.

Apr 21, 2016 Seastan 31281

@delphinidaeGlad you liked it!

Aug 01, 2018 Kakita_Shiro 32

Any upgrades you'd add @Seastan?