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TheChad 4271

When I wanted to make a fellowship to go along with my Elevenses deck I knew I wanted 2 heroes for sure : Beregond and Haldir of Lórienand a Spirit hero. A quick search brought up a deck Seastan made that fit the bill. I made some slight modifications.
Hobbit Pipe to help the other deck get more pipes on hobbits (it is not restricted to heroes). A Burning Brand and Song of Wisdom to go on Beregond. A couple Hands Upon the Bow and Heed the Dream. and I dropped the Jewler for Galadriel's Handmaiden.

The points of this deck are very simple: Carry your share of questing and count on the other deck to supply the rest. Defend as many enemies as you can with Beregond. Kill as many as you can with Haldir.

The other deck should have low threat and you can pick and choose where the enemies go.