Variations on a theme - Three rings for the Elven-kings

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Aurion 771

This is a variation on my super-powerful Three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky deck but instead of Radagast and a flock of eagles, we have Treebeard and a herd of ents.

Much of the same strategy applies but this time the ents soak up the damage instead of the eagles and Wellinghall Preserver/Elrond are there to keep them healthy (ideally keeping 1 damage on each to boost Leaflock's and our Booming Ents' .

As Radagast has been removed, I have also removed 1 copy of Wizard Pipe in favour of another copy of Narya, to try and ensure that we get a use from each during the turn they enter play. Also, as the allies in this deck have a lot more , I have substituted a copy of Nenya for the third copy of Narya, as it is far more important in this deck due to the ents entering play exhausted. Gildor effectively acts as a second pipe anyway and provides us with a little bit of foresight so we know when and when not to shuffle our deck using Word of Command or Mirror of Galadriel.

Treebeard's resources will mainly be used to pay for Boomed and Trumpeted as it has the ent trait, but he can also help pay for and ready our ent allies as they come into play if he has the resources spare, so we will be looking for him or a way to find him in our opening hand.